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Supporting Excellence

The Therapeutic Curriculum

Our Therapy Provision

Integrated and Collaborative

Our Speech and Language Therapy Team work collaboratively with experienced teaching staff  to provide a language enriched and communication friendly environment that facilitates our students in accessing the curriculum and achieving learning success. 


We focus on developing functional communication skills  in order to support students in forming and maintaining good relationships, developing their independence and positive wellbeing.

Speech and language is at the heart of our curriculum. Teaching staff use speech and language strategies throughout the day to support students’ language and communication development. Integrating therapy into the curriculum enables us to provide an optimum learning environment that enables our students to reach their full potential. 


Language Development

All students receive weekly language sessions led by a Speech & Therapist.

Intervention involves developing students’ understanding and use of curriculum vocabulary, understanding of questions and narrative/story-telling skills. Evidence-based  practice is essential in providing high quality, effective intervention through approaches such as Colourful Semantics and Shape Coding; depending on children’s individual needs.



Vocabulary development is a key principle of the speech and language curriculum. A whole school approach to vocabulary teaching is established through embedding the Word Aware Programme to promote vocabulary development. Using key strategies throughout the day such as symbols (Widgit), Makaton, word maps, vocabulary books and frequent recapping of learning supports children in retaining and using vocabulary in their speaking and writing.


Social Skills

All students receive weekly social skills sessions led by a Speech & Language Therapist. We use evidence based interventions such as the Social Use of Language Programme, TalkAbout and Lego Therapy to support our students in developing their social communication skills.  Students are provided with opportunities to develop their ability to initiate conversation, take turns and talk about different topics. They are given opportunities to take part in paired and small group activities to develop their confidence in communicating.


Direct Intervention

Following speech and language assessment, direct intervention for speech production or AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) may be recommended by our Speech and Language Therapists for specific children.  In this case, direct 1:1 therapy with episodes of care are provided and regularly reviewed to determine outcomes and progress.


Achieving Learning Potential

Through providing a language enriched environment, students are facilitated in fulfilling their academic potential. They are encouraged to develop independence in their learning through using dictionaries/thesaurus’ and researching online.  We encourage students to use word maps, mind maps and vocabulary books to support their ability to understand, use and apply vocabulary which supports academic success.



Promoting Positive Wellbeing

A collaborative multi-disciplinary team helps to identify the range of needs of our pupils and through this holistic approach we ensure that individual and specific strategies are carried out collectively. We use the Zones of Regulation programme in order to support students in expressing and regulating their emotions which helps them to develop their ability to focus on their learning and achieve positive wellbeing.


Staff and Parent/Carer Training

The Speech & Language Team deliver a range of training to teaching staff on a regular basis to develop joint practice and support a whole school approach. Specialist accredited training courses such as ELKLAN are delivered which further support staff and parents/carers in developing skills to support students’ speech, language and communication needs in both the school and home environment.


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