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Grove House


Supporting Excellence


At Grove House we intend that our pupils will…..

Develop their mathematical reasoning so they can apply their knowledge and skills purposefully and proficiently in the wider world and grow as critical thinkers. 


Maths is studied by all students throughout the school. Students have access to 5 maths lessons per week at every key stage.

A range of accreditations are available and are matched to students’ needs to provide the best outcomes for them. The most common accreditations that students work towards include:

· Entry Level Certificates (Levels 1, 2 or 3)

· Levels 1 & 2 in Maths Awards

· Functional Skills at Level 1

· GCSE Maths at Foundation and Higher Tier

Additional accreditations can also be worked towards including, but not limited to, OCR Life & Living Skills (Entry Level) & GCSE Statistics.  Pupils take accreditations in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 (as appropriate) in order to gradually build skills, confidence and success as learners.


Throughout the school and across the key stages a broad, structured curriculum is followed,  providing a sound foundation for pupils to build upon.  KS2 and 3 mainly uses Active Learn/Teach Maths schemes which are adapted to meet the learning needs of our pupils; a number of other resources, textbooks and online learning programmes are also used to support learning.  At KS4 and 5 teachers will still use the range of resources available to them to support the appropriate accreditation syllabus pupils are working to at that point.  Additionally pupils also have access to practical and visual supports and equipment where necessary and appropriate.


Students cover the same areas of maths each year and revisit number in different ways each term in order to gradually build, retain, consolidate and apply their learning.  Work is based on the National Curriculum, and is differentiated to match pupil’s ability in each topic. Progress is assessed and monitored through the use of the BSquared Progression Steps.


Throughout the curriculum students are encouraged to apply the skills and knowledge they are gaining to an increasing variety of every day and real-life problems in preparation for adulthood.