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At Grove House we intend that our pupils will........


develop their functional everyday practical skills and understanding of emotional regulation, communicating appropriately about the things they find difficult so that they are able to feel calm, settled and successful. 

At Grove House School our Occupational Therapist collaborates with our P.E. teacher to provide an Occupational Therapy programme during weekly Games sessions for KS2/KS3 students. These sessions aim to promote both physical and emotional wellbeing. Through taking part in a range of team games, students are encouraged to develop their resilience, team work and leadership skills. They develop their ability to manage conflict, differences, cope with competition and problem solve situations when needed. Socially this supports them in understanding both verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as developing their interactions with peers and ability to make and maintain friendships. Sessions focus on support for fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination, balance, core strength and mobility to promote their physical development. Students take part in activities required for life skills such as cutlery skills, dressing, manipulating buttons and tying laces. There are also opportunities to take part in cycling which promotes confidence and competence when riding a bike.


Golden Mile is delivered to promote physical endurance, stamina and an enthusiasm for being active. Golden Mile helps to inspire students in being active, supporting others and adopting a positive attitude towards health and exercise.


The Zones of Regulation Programme is delivered and embedded within Games sessions to support students in understanding their emotions and using strategies to help their regulation in order to promote good wellbeing. Energy levels vary across students and they require support in managing this to facilitate participation and engagement. Through developing interoceptive skills, students improve their ability to identify how their body is feeling. Winning and losing can be tricky for some pupils, therefore giving them the skills and strategies to cope with situations enables them to become more independent and resilient individuals. Students are encouraged to celebrate their own achievements and the success of others.


Occupational Therapy strategies are also embedded across the curriculum and practiced daily to support the students in developing the functional skills required for independence in adult life. The Therapy team deliver regular training and CPD sessions to all staff to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to support the students’ physical, sensory and emotional needs throughout the day. Students may also have individual Occupational Therapy equipment or programmes which are managed and reviewed by our OT and may access the sensory or Occupational Therapy room to support their sensory processing, physical needs or emotional regulation.