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Grove House


Supporting Excellence

The School Day

Taxis will arrive on site at 8.45am giving the opportunity for pupils to have breakfast in the dining room as part of our extended school facilities.


The school day starts at 9.00am. Pupils have assemblies on Monday and Friday and time with their Form Teacher on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Lesson times can be seen in the timetable below:


Time Activity
8:45-9:00             Arrival
9:00-9:05 Registration
9:05-9:25 Assembly/Form time
9:25-10:10 Lesson 1
10:10-10:55 Lesson 2
10:55-11:10 Break
11:10-11:55 Lesson 3
11:55-12:40 Lesson 4
12:40-1:40 Lunch
1:40-1:45 Registration
1:45-2:30 Lesson 5
2:30-3:15 Lesson 6
3:15-3:35 Form time
3:35 End