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At Grove House we intend that our pupils will.......


develop their knowledge and curiosity so that they can ask and answer questions and have a growing awareness of the wonder of the world around them. 

Science is studied throughout KS2,3 and 4. KS2 have 1 lesson of science per week whilst KS3 have 2 lessons a week and KS4 have either 1 or 2 lessons per week depending on the focus of their curriculum.


At KS2 and 3, the curriculum topics are selected based on the National Curriculum programmes of study across all 3 areas of science—Biology, Chemistry and Physics—and are adapted so that the content is accessible and suitable for all students.  Similar topics are taught at both Key Stages so that knowledge and vocabulary are retained, consolidated and built upon providing a good foundation.


At KS4, some pupils follow the pathway to accreditation and undertake WJEC Entry Level Science covering all 3 sciences.  Other pupils may follow a less formal pathway developing their understanding of how science links to everyday life—thereby gaining knowledge and skills for independent living.


Throughout the curriculum at all stages.  Students have the opportunity to develop their enthusiasm for the subject and their practical skills through carrying out a range of experiments which include making careful observations and reaching conclusions about what their results are telling them.  They apply their English, Maths, reasoning, thinking and problem solving skills and develop their subject specific vocabulary throughout their work in science.


The science curriculum aims to encourage pupils to be curious about the world around them and to equip them with key scientific knowledge and observation skills to support them in their day to day lives.