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At Grove House we intend that our pupils will.......


develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of a range or artistic styles and media while building their fine motor skills and exploring art as a way to communicate and express themselves, so that they grow in creativity and independence. 

Art is studied throughout Key Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5 in one double lesson a week (1.5 hours), and delivered by a subject specialist in the art room.  Art and Photography are accredited subjects, and students study towards OCR Entry Level and GCSE.


The Art and Design curriculum is sequenced and delivered to allow pupils to build on knowledge, skills and  understanding, enabling them to develop the confidence that leads to personal, meaningful and innovative work. 


Throughout Key Stage 2 and 3, students explore and develop drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and design skills by revisiting and developing their understanding of these techniques. They also explore digital art and photography. At Key Stage 4 students are encouraged to develop their own personal style and make choices about the media, techniques and influences they explore. At Key stage 5 students specialise in photography and develop their editing and digital art skills.


Each project responds to particular topics to enable students to develop their research, analytical, critical and creative thinking, and to make meaningful work that communicates with the viewer.  At Key Stage 2, themes develop and complement cross curricular links, while at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, themes explore their understanding of who they are and the world around them.


Our key objectives are developed from the four assessment objectives at GCSE and are designed to replicate how artists and designers work. Each project guides students through the creative process of researching and analysing, exploring new media and ideas, refining skills and designs and ultimately making personal and meaningful work. This embeds their understanding and application of this process and equips students with the confidence and creativity to adapt and respond to new skills, media and contexts, while preparing them for both accreditations and the future.


Through promotion of curiosity and imagining, analysis and reasoning, risk-taking and independence, reflection and refinement, students develop their resilience, critical and creative thinking and their social and emotional wellbeing.