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Welcome to

School Logo

Grove House


Supporting Excellence

Ethos and Values

We aim to provide a stimulating, language-focussed environment that supports all pupils to recognise and achieve their full potential academically, personally and socially, preparing them for independent successful lives.

Grove House School is a place where:

  • All have a sense of belonging
  • All learn and achieve together
  • All have high expectations to be the best they can be

The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development through its strong ethos, linked to the vision for the school:

  • A consistent approach to the way in which people are treated
  • Pupils are encouraged to be independent in thought and action
  • An ‘open door’ policy where parents are seen as partners in the education of their children
  • Relationships with the wider community are positive and mutually beneficial


All staff plan opportunities for pupils to:

  • Develop an understanding of themselves
  • Know their social responsibilities as citizens
  • Develop an understanding of moral codes of behaviour
  • Consider wider issues in both their immediate community and the world
  • Challenge/examine value, beliefs and assumptions whilst respecting the viewpoint of others
  • Engage in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities


Opportunities to develop functional language and social communication skills are offered through targeted off-timetable theme days, projects and clubs. The school operates family dining during lunchtimes where staff sit with pupils encouraging social interaction and working informally on pupils’ communication skills.  Lunchtimes are also an opportunity for children of different ages to come together and participate in organised activities and games, helping pupils learn how to work with others and be respectful members of a community.



Grove House School has a unique atmosphere created by its totally dedicated, highly professional and caring staff. In all interactions with pupils, staff are fair, respectful and act as excellent role models. Pupils are exceptionally well-supported at school: all staff take responsibility for pupils’ emotional well-being and the senior management team (SMT) take a proactive approach to any difficulties. Form teachers know their pupils well: they spend time with their small class at least twice a day. An ethos of dignity and fairness, where pupils respect difference and share British values, contributes greatly to progress at Grove House School.


Staff help pupils to recognise their strengths and abilities and take the time to record and celebrate pupils’ achievements. The school’s behaviour policy is clear and consistently implemented, and deals with all situations positively. Well-defined systems are established to reward achievement, good behaviour and effort.


The enrichment programme is integrated into the school day, enabling pupils to spend vital time with their peers in a caring and supportive informal setting, encouraging independence, friendship and inclusion.

A number of strategies are employed throughout the school to develop pupils’ independence and ability to thrive away from school. From the outset, younger pupils are encouraged to work independently and develop their organisational skills. There are high expectations for punctuality, uniform etc to prepare pupils for standards required in the workplace. Older pupils are given opportunities to take on further responsibilities and work towards Duke of Edinburgh awards. They carry out carefully-selected work experience and are offered a chance to participate in travel training, helping them, when ready, move towards greater independence.

Throughout the school pupils are given opportunities to learn from real life situations. Trips, visits and themed days are a regular feature as these can offer additional learning experiences for the children as well as providing opportunities for developing life skills and links with the local community.