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Grove House


Supporting Excellence

The Academic Curriculum

National Curriculum

Pupils at Grove House School follow the national curriculum, adapted and differentiated to meet the wide range of needs of its pupils. Staff have worked collaboratively to develop schemes of work based on the programmes of study that are appropriate for pupils with SLCN, mitigating barriers to learning and assessment.


The Curriculum Offer

The curriculum offered by Grove House School is under constant review. The final offer is always based on the cohort of pupils’ differing needs and changes to examination syllabuses.


Key stage 2 and 3 pupil have lessons in the following subjects:

English, Maths, Science, ICT, PSHE, Life/Social Skills, History/Geography/RE, Technology, Music, Art, PE


In Key stage 4 and 5, appropriate qualifications will be offered at a range of levels in a number of academic and practical subjects. The  programmes of study at this stage will be designed to accommodate the individual needs of our learners.